Smart Digital Lighting

Digital Lighting

The concept of Intelligent Buildings is now a reality, with the convergence of all building services such as Smart Digital Lighting, BMS, IP CCTV, Access Control, IP Telephony, and IP AV Systems all now being potentially run over one Network which is far more logical and is the future.

The structured cabling system is arguably the most important component in any IT infrastructure and even more so when we explore the possibilities of controlling our building lighting over the network. The latest PaE and PoE intelligent lighting systems offer the ability to control the colour of light emitted by LED lights to ensure the wellness of staff, visitors and customers. Imagine in a retail environment being able to change the appearance of the environment simply by changing lighting effects or monitoring the footfall of visitors through the door. This is all possible today with intelligent digital lighting solutions.

IST digital solutions installed by CES utilise structured cabling in place of more expensive traditional AC cabling, these cables are often much smaller meaning less cable containment is required which in turn makes installation cheaper when compared to traditional systems. Furthermore, drivers for light fittings are installed in a central rack location as opposed to in the ceiling, making maintenance much faster and less obstructive to the customers business. For further information on how an intelligent lighting system can enhance your working environment, call CES today.