Wireless Solutions


Wireless Networks are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial network environment. Part of the attraction in deploying a wireless network is the relative low cost and simplicity compared to fixed wired networks and also the flexibility and mobility wireless networks offer.

The deployment of wireless however does not come without its own set of issues which need to be considered carefully during the design stages.

These include interference from external electrical sources and nearby wireless networks, not to mention the potential loss of signal strength as wireless signals attempt to propagate through building material such as brick walls and stud partitions.

To this end the first stage of deploying any wireless network has to be the professional site survey. A site survey carried out by CES will include a full inspection of the construction materials used in the building where the network is to be deployed. This will be followed by an onsite spectrum analysis survey which not only looks at other networks in the vicinity buy is designed to identify other sources of electrical interference which could reduce throughput of the wireless network once commissioned.

CES offer a number of wireless technologies from market leading vendors to cover a number of scenario’s. Traditional cellular wireless is offered for simple networks to add connectivity to mobile staff visiting the building.

Blanket Wi-Fi solutions from Extricom further enhance the capability and security of the wireless network for organisation requiring different levels of access such as staff access to key resources, public access for internet only for members of the public or subscription portals where the network owner either wishes to charge for the use of their wireless network or perhaps offers their portal as a marketing platform to potential thus attracting potential new revenue from the use of their network.

CES also offer wireless solutions to provide building to building links. These options are particularly attractive as an alternative to Free Space Optics Laser links, where line of site is not available.

For further information on wireless networks and the solutions available from CES, please contact us.